Seasonal Greetings and Thanks!

Wishing Everybody a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

James Rippingale at Melbourne Festival 2015Its been a wonderful musical year for me and I just wanted to send out some gratitude to everyone involved.

Thank you all of you for the concerts and bookings this year and to everybody who made it happen. It’s been a year of J.S.Bach with a guitar arrangement of the First Cello Suite featuring in most concerts and I feel privileged and blessed to have been able to immerse myself in this wonderful music and sound world.

Big thanks go to all the wonderful musicians that I have been lucky enough to collaborate with this year including Scott Marshall (Hurdy Gurdy), Greg Rawson (Drums), Jonathan Priestley (Classical Guitar), the St Peter’s Scholars and The Boots Orchestra. It is a joy to work with you all. Lets do it again!

I feel immense gratitude to the concert promoters and organisers: Stef Hill, Beate Toyka, Soundbites in Derby, Andrew Marples to name but a few.

Thanks also to those people who have booked me for your special events including¬† John and Suzy Whur. Playing at your wedding at St Mary’s in Derby was a privilege and a delight!

I’m excited about new projects and repertoire in the pipeline. I have a recording session booked in May that will result in a new CD of Bach, Barrios and more being released in the Summer. There are other projects¬† on their way to but more of that later……..Watch this space….:)

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year and a musical and joyous 2016!

Happy Holidays!