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Hello and welcome! I’m James Rippingale – Classical Guitarist. I’m passionate about teaching classical guitar, it’s technique repertoire and rich musical heritage. I work with, students of all ages and from many different walks of life  and teach at Wells Cathedral School and at my own Glastonbury Guitar Academy in Glastonbury, Somerset.

I’ve taught classical guitar since 2001 had the privilege of helping hundreds of people learn to play music they love, discover the beauty of the classical guitar and awaken their creativity and passion for music. Now I’d like to help you!

I’ve also been blessed with many wonderful teachers and mentors along the way and learned the great value of expert guidance and support. I’m grateful for all I have learned and excited to pass it on.

Learning with an experienced teacher can save you months - even years of frustration

When you want to progress there is no substitute for an experienced teacher, someone who has walked the path before, knows where and what the pitfalls are and how to navigate easily towards your goals. I know this from my own experience; Sometimes you just need that one piece of info that is the key to unlock new worlds of possabilty and I’ve spent years seeking out the information, skills and ideas to help you master your music and enjoy your playing.

Some of the ways I can help you......

  • Learn classical guitar in fun ways and play music you love. 
  •  Work through the Trinity and ABRSM Classical Guitar Syllabuses – I have 21 years experience in preparing pupils for music exams and plenty of success stories.
  • Develop a solid grounding of guitar technique and note reading and build the skills you need to truly express yourself on this instrument.
  • Develop you musical skills. Whether you are a beginner taking your first steps in classical guitar to an  advanced student.  I work with a range of music from simple pieces to diploma level concert repertoire and I am happy to cater to your level of ability and understanding.
  • Reach your musical goals with plenty of creativity, enjoyment and fun along the way.
  • Maximise your practice time to get the great results in less time. 
  • Overcome those tricky guitar issues that hold most players back – including tremolo, tone production, voicing, rapid scales and arpeggios, slurs, harmonics, note stopping and more.
  • Learn to perform stylistically expressing the unique character of each musical period from the Renaissance right up to the present day. on the classical guitar.
  • Develop extensive knowledge and experience of the guitar repertoire with music from around the world.
  • Learn music theory in creative and fun ways.  I can help you create your own music, harmony, compositions and improvisations on the guitar and write them down.
  • Record your music! – create and learn through digital recordings of your performances.

Work with me - Get Started with Classical Guitar Lessons in Person or Online

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You can start your journey with a taster lesson. I teach in one to one in Glastonbury, Somerset or online via Zoom so anyone can learn from the comfort of their own home.

What happy customers have to say.....

I am a person of mature years and had always wanted to play the guitar. Any musical ability I had was shot to pieces as a child. I came to James feeling nervous and apprehensive that this was going to work. How wrong was I! Nearly three years later due entirely to James' patience and unique teaching style, I am playing the guitar and able to read music. I feel very blessed to have discovered a person like James who has restored not only my confidence but my ability to play the guitar and enjoy music making”
Jane Baylis
You couldn't have a better guitar tutor... A truly astounding musician and inspirational teacher….
Jane Ford
Concert Pianist and Pupil Parent
When I finally retired I had a strong desire to return to classical guitar tuition. Having studied whilst at school over five decades ago, I wished to relearn the skill, to unlearn habitual faults, and to take my playing to a greater level. I saw that James was performing at Strode College in Street and giving a master class afterwards and I seized to opportunity to attend. Having heard him play, I was pleased to learn that he would accept a mature but very rusty pupil. I was initially very apprehensive as to how this would work, but was immediately put at ease by James` enthusiasm, encouragement and reassurance. We returned to the basics and are building the foundations. In a typical lesson we move through scales and basic sight reading, to familiar pieces from the classical canon that I recall tackling in the past, and often ending the lesson with an interpretive " jam session ". Lessons always have a light touch and we have a lot of laughs. James is an empathetic teacher who makes me feel I can offer something even when my performance and practice regime fall short. His patience and enthusiasm are ever present and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him as a versatile and very talented teacher…………..​
Louis Crooks
I can’t recommend James highly enough….​
Richard Mathews
Pupil Parent
'I have been having lessons with James to prepare for my grade 8 classical guitar exam. James is a conscientious and hard working classical guitar teacher. He prepares for every lesson. As a result his lessons are well structured and enjoyable. As a teacher of Music Technology myself, I know that James puts allot of effort into making the lessons student centered. As a result I always have enough self guided learning to do in-between lessons. I would without any doubt recommend James as a classical guitar teacher to anyone.'
Lee Gilbert
I have been a pupil for six months starting as an absolute beginner, and I have made more progress that I could have ever imagined thanks to James’ patience, encouragement and enthusiasm. Lessons are very well prepared and I have had such fun and enjoyment from the variety of tasks he selects for each one which develop my skills and technique, often accompanying me to improve my confidence. He has a great sense of humour and a quiet teaching manner. He is completely focused throughout the lesson demonstrating, explaining, offering advice, gently correcting my mistakes and praising frequently. I have complete confidence and trust in James and would recommend him unreservedly and without any hesitation."
Carolyn Mitchell
Having played classical guitar as a self-taught amateur for many years before going to James for some help, I would have no hesitation in recommending him. James takes a very personal approach to his teaching - it comes from his own deep love of guitar as a classical instrument. He sets out to help each student to unlock their own potential, and I think he sees no essential difference between the musical ambitions of his students and his own aspirations. He never underestimates the challenges of classical guitar, but has a wealth of practical knowledge and experience of technical and musical issues to help address them, and is always encouraging and friendly. Whatever your current level of ability, James is ready to help you make progress, and appreciate what you can do as well as help you to overcome what you currently cannot.
Peter King