Classical Guitar Tuition

cropped-IMG_3538.jpg Classical Guitar Lessons in Glastonbury, Somerset

Would you like to learn the Classical Guitar?  I am passionate about the classical guitar, it’s repertoire and it’s rich musical heritage. I have experience with, and am happy to work with, students of all ages and abilities and I teach from my home in the beautiful town of Glastonbury in  Somerset. 

Everyone is welcome!

I have been a classical guitar teacher now for 15 years and have been lucky enough to have had many wonderful teachers and mentors along the way. I’ve learned from first hand experience the value of expert guidance and support and am very grateful for all I have learned and excited to pass it on.

Learning with an experienced teacher you

can save you  months – even years of frustration.

I offer guidance and tuition in:

  •  The Trinity and ABRSM Classical Guitar Syllabuses – With 15 years experience in preparing pupils for music exams and plenty of success stories.

  • How to develop a solid grounding in guitar technique and note reading and build the skills you need to truly express yourself.

  • Musical development for all guitarists from beginners taking their first steps to GCSE/Alevel students and adults with a range of music from simple pieces to Diploma level concert repertoire.

  • How to reach your musical goals with enjoyment and fun along the way.

  • How to maximise your practice time to get the best results.

  • How to overcome those tricky guitar issues that hold people back – including tremolo, voicing, rapid scales and arpeggios, slurs, harmonics, note stopping and more.

  • How to perform stylistically – guidance to help you understand and express the feel of each musical period from the Renaissance to the present day.

  • Extensive knowledge of the guitar repertoire with music from around the world.

  • Why music theory can be, and should be, creative and fun!  I can help you create your own music, harmony, compositions and improvisations.

  • Why recording experience is essential – how to create and learn by digitally recording your performances.

The Learning Journey……..

I have spent two decades searching for techniques, principals and answers from a wide range of professional teachers, players and musicians. How do the great players do what they do? What are their beliefs, attitudes and strategies?

I’m still learning and growing ever curious about the guitar and its world and I’m inspired to help others progress with the knowledge I have learned.

Book a Taster Lesson.

I teach from my home in Glastonbury, Somerset. You can contact me to book a taster lesson by email.

We can then develop a personalised learning program for you to suit your needs and to help you to get from where you are to where you want to be.

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Come to a Classical Guitar Workshop in Wells, Somerset.

I am currently presenting a series of Classical Guitar Workshops in the beautiful cathedral city of Wells in Somerset. Subjects can range from the psychology of performance and learning to ensemble days and beginners classes. Click here for further details.

Pupil Testimonials

‘I have been having lessons with James to prepare for my grade 8 classical guitar exam. James is a conscientious and hard working classical guitar teacher. He prepares for every lesson. As a result his lessons are well structured and enjoyable. As a teacher of Music Technology myself, I know that James puts allot of effort into making the lessons student centered. As a result I always have enough self guided learning to do in-between lessons. I would without any doubt recommend James as a classical guitar teacher to anyone.’

Lee Gilbert, Derbyshire

I feel so lucky that James was recommended to me. He is an excellent teacher as well as a very talented musician.

I have been a pupil for six months starting as an absolute beginner, and I have made more progress that I could have ever imagined thanks to James’ patience, encouragement and enthusiasm. Lessons are very well prepared and I have had such fun and enjoyment from the variety of tasks he selects for each one which develop my skills and technique, often accompanying me to improve my confidence. He has a great sense of humour and a quiet teaching manner. He is completely focused throughout the lesson demonstrating, explaining, offering advice, gently correcting my mistakes and praising frequently.

I have complete confidence and trust in James and would recommend him unreservedly and without any hesitation.

Carolyn Mitchell, Derbyshire

Having played classical guitar as a self-taught amateur for many years before going to James for some help, I would have no hesitation in recommending him. James takes a very personal approach to his teaching – it comes from his own deep love of guitar as a classical instrument. He sets out to help each student to unlock their own potential, and I think he sees no essential difference between the musical ambitions of his students and his own aspirations. He never underestimates the challenges of classical guitar, but has a wealth of practical knowledge and experience of technical and musical issues to help address them, and is always encouraging and friendly. Whatever your current level of ability, James is ready to help you make progress, and appreciate what you can do as well as help you to overcome what you currently cannot.”

Peter King, Derbyshire