This is a new page dedicated to my students and all the guitar enthusiasts out there.

I’m going to use it to post what I see as outstanding articles, videos, performances etc to help us all grow and learn. I might even post a few of my own musings along the way πŸ™‚

Today I was blown away by this wonderful masterclass given by the Czech virtuoso Pavel Steidl. What a great teacher, and a master guitarist! Watch as he brings this students rendition of Tarrega’s Grande Vals to life. I love his insights into the waltz and guitar articulation really bringing out theΒ  possibilities of the instrument and making it sing:) It’s so heart felt and fun too πŸ™‚ Well worth a watch πŸ™‚

Wise words from pianist and composer Seymore Bernstein

I’ve been reading Seymore’s book “Play Life More Beautifully” recently and I’ve found him inspiring and insightful. There is lots in these videos that is useful to guitarists. Enjoy!