“Petty Differences”

The great singer, songwriter and guitarist Tom Petty passed away back in 2017. I’d been listening to Tom’s music for years and it’d become a backing track to my life gifting me with inspiration and comfort.

I’ve no idea why his music moves me so much but I decided to dedicate all my Autumn 2017 concerts to Tom. Little did I know that I would receive a poem about it after a recital one misty evening in Southwell Minster.

Thanks Alistair, love your writing 🙂


Sunday night in Southwell.

A concert in The Minster Great Hall.

A classical guitarist . . . . . .

. . . . . who dedicated his performance to Tom Petty.

A rock star’s passing doesn’t normally bother me

But Tom Petty was one of the good guys.

And this was a shock.

I’d seen him at Hyde Park in July.

He’d looked fine.

Back at The Minster, the old chap in front of me turned to his wife.

“Who?” he asked.

“Tom Petty.” she replied.

He shrugged.

“Never heard of him.”

Alastair Walker

8th October 2017

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