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Ever wanted to learn music? Want to play classical guitar but not sure where or how to start?

Glastonbury Guitar Academy is based in Glastonbury, UK and dedicated to igniting the spark of creativity in all it’s members through the love, enjoyment and beauty of the classical guitar and it’s music. Directed by classical guitarist James Rippingale the Academy caters for enthusiastic players of all ages and abilities.

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“I’m so passionate about the power of music and this instrument” say James “There is something quite magical about the sound of the classical guitar. It is subtle, delicate and quite beautiful and so versatile with a repertoire of music spanning 500 years. The guitar has something for everyone from Renaissance and Baroque to Spanish classics, arrangements of popular songs and more. My teaching is inspired by players like Julian Bream, Andres Segovia and John Williams and the incredible music they created.”

All are welcome!

“I teach students of all ages, from youngsters taking their first steps to university students, advanced players and adult learners enjoying the guitar in their free time. As a classical guitar tutor at Wells Cathedral School and several other top independent schools I’ve worked with a wide range of people but the thing we all have in common is the love of learning, music and, of course, the guitar! It’s not just about the music, students often report a greater sense of self confidence, enjoyment, self expression and creativity too”.

Learn Online or In Person

The Academy offers online guitar tuition via Zoom and 1 to 1 lessons in Glastonbury, UK (as Covid guidelines allow).

“I follow the MU safety guidelines for in person lessons and also offer online lessons via Zoom so that you can enjoy guitar lessons wherever you are from the comfort of their own home!”.

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New Music! Sonatina – A Beautiful New Classical Guitar Piece by Jonathan Priestley

I’m so grateful to my good friend Jonathan Priestley, a wonderful Classical Guitarist and composer based in Derbyshire who recently gifted me a beautiful new solo guitar Sonatina. We’ve buddies for many years Jonathan and I, sharing concerts together, playing duets and sharing our love of all things musical and classical guitar over many long conversations and cups of tea. It was an honor to have the piece dedicated to me and I absolutely love it!

Sonatina is tonal and Spanish in style with fast, exciting, rhythmic outer movements and a beautiful, lilting, slow middle movement. I’ve enjoyed every minute of learning it and am looking forward to performing it once this current lock down has been lifted.

Here we are pre-lockdown enjoying some music together…….

10 Great Reasons to Learn Classical Guitar

I think there are really hundreds of great reasons to learn Classical Guitar and it’s been really tricky to stick to 10 but here are just a few of my favorites:

1) The Guitar, Your Own Personal Orchestra – Segovia apparently said that the guitar is “like an orchestra through the wrong end of a telescope”. Playing classical guitar is like having your own mini orchestra at your fingertips.

2) Harmony – Classical guitar allows you to experience and create harmony. This makes it a great choice for music students, composers and music enthusiasts.

3) You Can Take it Anywhere! It’s so easy for you to take the guitar with you for example to parks, out in nature or on the beach. Wherever you go your guitar can go too and you’ll probably make some new friends along the way!

4) Play Music from All Over the World Classical guitar offers a wide range of incredible music from the Rennaisance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras right up to the present day as well as music from Spain, Latin America, America, Japan, China and much more. It’s an incredibly eclectic instrument with lots to offer.

5) It’s Affordable – Even really good guitars are relatively cheap compared to other instruments and offer incredible value. Go on treat yourself!

6) Increase Your Self Confidence Pupils often find their self confidence increasing greatly as they master new skills and hone their talents on the instrument.

7) Unleash Your Creativity and Self Expression It feels amazing to create music and unleash your own self expression and Classical guitar is perfect for improvising and composing your own music too.

8) Music is Good for You! – Well we all knew this anyway but did you know that music can cause you to release Dopamine, a “feel good” neuro-transmitter. It has also been shown to reduce the stress hormone Cortisol in the body. I always knew playing guitar was good for you!

9) It’s Just so Beautiful! The sound of a classical guitar is just beautiful, there is really nothing like it. Enough said.

10) Classical Guitar is Fantastic for Yougsters and Music students. It’s wonderful to have music in your life and guitar is ideal for players of all ages and abilities allowing you to explore the wonders of music and to build your skills. For music students it can be a fantastic addition to their studies especially as a harmony instrument.

James Rippingale is a professional Classical Guitarist, specialist guitar tutor at Wells Cathedral School (one of the UK’s top specialist music schools) and founding director of Glastonbury Guitar Academy which offers in person and online classical guitar lessons and events to enthusiastic students from around the world.

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